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After a shipwreck Robin is washed ashore, alone in a deserted island...

Join Robin in his fun adventure throughout the island and build structures that will simplify the adventure while trying to escape the Island.

Controls & hotkeys

  • Movement:
    • W,A,S,D to move player
    • SPACE to jump 
    • MOUSE to show direction while moving
  • Building:
    • MOUSE LEFT CLICK to place blocks
    • MOUSE RIGHT CLICK to pickup blocks 
    • ARROW KEYS to rotate blocks
    • LEFT SHIFT to use micro adjustments
    • RIGHT SHIFT to copy previous rotations
    • TAB to inverse block snapping direction
  • Consumption: (Hold a consumable item to activate)
    • HOLD MOUSE RIGHT CLICK to consume
  • Crafting:
    • USE the button on the crafting station to choose the recipe 
    • MOUSE RIGHT CLICK to place materials on the table
  • Usage:
    • MOUSE RIGHT CLICK to shake trees for materials
    • MOUSE RIGHT CLICK to pick items up


🔝Level up through the island🏝 and become the captain🏅. 

🚩Keep an eye👁 on the monkeys🐒, they'll surely be a challenge. 

⚒️Using the seven  blocks there's an endless♾️ possibility of what you can build🛠. 

🖱Prepare your Skills!  🕹You will be tasted. 

⏰️⏳️Timed challenges to spice things up✨️. 

CORKBRICK PLAY  is  a building block digital game with an elegant narrative behind it (a spin on the Robinson Crusoe story, symbolizing sustainability, resourcefulness, and humanity), but with one major difference: the players will be able to build anything they make in the digital game in the actual world.

Our world needs peace, collaboration, creativity and fun. We are gamifying all these core values to empower real Economy.

CORKBRICK PLAY seeks to be innovative for three reasons: 

  1. For the first time in history, a video game will combine the fun of playing and exploring with the scope of developing useful and sustainable solutions improving living spaces
  2. It will allow all players to generate profit from their creations;
  3. It will change the player's perspective on building, renovating, and repurposing spaces and furniture dynamically and sustainably.

 Players can realize their imagination in their very houses or offices. All creations are sustainable and can be built into the real world as well.

Imagine being associated with a breakthrough concept that will impact the world by combining fun, play, learning, creativity, cooperation, and economic development. A new paradigm that employs the flexibility of the digital world to provide sustainable human solutions to the real world.

We welcome special creative minds, unity developers and designers to join our team. If you think you are and would like to join, talk to us.


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